Occupational Therapy Kids

United Rehab Kids Occupational Therapy Physical Therapy

Fun and Function:

Our highly skilled and experienced occupational therapists offer a child-centered approach with fun and engaging therapy techniques to improve your child’s fine motor skills, visual motor skills, sensory motor skills, and sensory processing deficits. Our occupational therapists utilize a sensory motor approach customized to each child’s needs.

Occupational Therapy Helps Improve:

• Activities of Daily Living (ADLs)
• Fine Motor Skills
• Developmental Delay
• Handwriting
• Visual Motor Skills
• Visual Perceptual Skills
• Upper Extremity Strength & Coordination
• Proximal/Core Stability & Strength
• Sensory Integration Skills
• Feeding Skills
• Oral Motor Skills
• Social Skills
• Self-Regulation Skills
• Cognitive Planning Skills
• Motor Planning Skills